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Test your candidates and employees on real-world projects to get deeper insights into their skills. Plan it as a final step in the interview process or use these assessments to create job-skill matrix of your organization. Set up and customise assessments across different sectors. View, run, and analyze the reports with Yaksha.

tech assessments

Explore the library of real-world project-based assessments used by 150+ Fortune 500 companies including top IT giants.

Machine Learning

Breast Cancer Diagnosis with Machine Learning

Domain: Health Care / AI

An AI algorithm based use case that helps predict whether cancer is benign or malignant.
bonus of employees

Calculating Employee Bonus with Python

Domain: ERP

A problem statement that calculates the bonus of employees across the organisation.
Collaborative with Asp .Net Core Web API 2.2.

Tourist Guide with Asp .Net Core with View and InMemory

Domain: Social

Allow travellers to view various places to travel, search destination details, and hire a tour guide to show them around.
Collaborative with Asp .Net Core Web API 2.2.

GroceryEmart Collaborative with Asp .Net Core Web API 2.2.

Domain: eCommerce

Allows customers to place the product order, and all product maintenance, new addition and complete administration work is performed by admin.
Collaborative with Asp .Net Core Web API 2.2.

E-Loan Collaborative with Asp .Net Core Web API 2.2 and InMemoryDb

Domain: BFSI

Allows customers to apply for Loan Online, and same would be processed by loan clerk and sanctioned by manager from bank.
Java E-Library

Java E-Library Management-Console

Domain: ERP

E-Library Console Application is pure java application with Java collection, where it allows to manage the books and issue the books form the library.

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