Cutting-edge online Proctoring for malpractice-free remote assessments

The state-of-the-art end-to-end proctoring ensures that all of your assessments are cheating and plagiarism free. Be 100% sure of the assessment results and make data-driven decisions on hiring and L&D.

Proctoring Features

Web Proctoring

Disable switching to any other website, or web application during assessment. Monitor for any suspicious activity on browser.

Video Proctoring

Backed up with AI, monitor the video and audio background, or anyone entering the room, and any suspicious activities

Face Scan, Recognition & Tracking

Scan any government recognized id to activate face recognition. Detect and track movements to avoid cheating

Manual Proctoring

Allows you to manually keep an eye on the test takers and enable you to virtual be the examiner

Manage your proctored assessments end-to-end by selecting the features that you want to enable for proctoring.

Need a tailor-made proctored assessments solution for your organisation?