End-to-end Campus Hiring at Scale

Connect with the right candidates on campuses, set up screening assessments, engage candidates with hackathons, and select candidates based on detailed assessment reports.

Campus Hiring made Easy

Find and connect with fresh talent

Campus recruitment can be cost effective when you hire at scale. Plus, you get a large skilled talent pool to choose from.  As an organisation looking for a fresh perspective and innovative thinking, your assessments should reflect your requirements.

Since most recruiting is happening online, expand your reach and find talent from even the remote parts to get access to untapped talent.

Engage and identify top talent

Hackathons are the best ways to source, screen and engage with tech talent. They not only help assess problem-solving skills but also test the tech skills of the talent.
Organise customisable and language-agnostic hackathons, identify problem-solvers, innovators, and experts in various skills with end-to-end hackathon management on Yaksha.

Screen candidates with the right set of assessments

Create a step-by-step evaluation process that assesses different types of knowledge and skills with customized skill assessment tests. Build a customised assessment solution across different rounds for your campus hiring efforts with Yaksha.

Select candidates based on customized reports

Analyze the assessment reports and based on how the candidates have performed, select the ones that are eligible. Customize reports and assessment criteria as you need for screening with Yaksha.

Hire faster with Yaksha’s interview-as-a-service

The selected candidates need to go through rounds of interviews to determine if they are the right fit for the job roles. Yaksha offers on-demand interview-as-a-service so that you can find the right candidates for different tech roles. With Yaksha’s IaaS, you can save time and make your hiring process 2X faster by interviewing and screening candidates as per your needs.

Tech Assessments the way they are supposed to be. Simple. Efficient. Fair.

Explore Toolchains across a Multitude of technologies

Programming languages

In 30 minutes, you will...

Yes, we have a vast assessment catalogue. Yes, it’s easy-to-create and schedule. Yes, Yaksha can help you customise or create on-demand assessments aligned to your industry and tech stacks. And of course, you can use MCA/Coding/Project-Based Assessments just the way you need🚀 

We can keep writing about the smart platform and smarter reports, and how amazing the results of setting up role-specific assessments are but it is nothing compared to seeing Yaksha in action! Let us show you how you can leverage Yaksha assessments to transform your hiring and L&D, and build world-class tech teams🔮 

Yaksha team will work in-tandem with you to understand your needs and then suggest the most effective assessments and screening processes for your organisation. Not just that our interview-as-a-service can help you cut down your hiring times by half ⏳ 

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