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Hackathons/Codathons are the best way to source, screen, and engage with tech talent. They help you assess problem-solving along with core tech skills. Explore Yaksha’s tailor-made hackathons to discover and transform tech talent for your organisation.

tailor-made hackathons

Boost innovation and problem-solving with online hackathons

With Yaksha hackathons, you would not only attract and source top talent but also would be able to engage with your existing employees as well as the developer/tech community. 

attract and source top talent

Customize challenges the way you want

You know your organizational needs better, that’s why Yaksha lets you create challenges for Hackathons the way you want. What tech stacks to evaluate, what skills to assess, and what is the type of challenge you want the participants to solve is at your fingertips.  Set up :

challenges for Hackathons
mapping skill gaps

Engage with industry-ready Codathons

Codathon is a type of hackathon that involves coding challenges or problems, typically solved using any one particular technology. The codathons can also be language agnostic, meaning the challenge can be solved using any of the technologies available.

When you need a stack expert, you set up a stackathon

Take your hackathons a notch higher, they are stackathons! They will help you assess candidate skills on multiple technologies. Stackathon challenges feature problems that would need a candidate to work on creating an app/project end-to-end.

Competency Framework
Pre and Post training Assessments

Easy End-To-End Management

From the time you plan your Hackathon to the time you evaluate the results, everything you need is integrated in Yaksha platform. You can manage every step of organizing Hackathons via the simple and friendly user interface of Yaksha.

Create Assessments to Evaluate Candidates in 70+ Programming Languages & Skills

Programming languages

Set up a customised Hackathon for your organisation

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