Yaksha’s Adaptive Assessments

Explore our engaging assessments that can help your organisation analyse the skill gaps and competencies of each employee.

Enhance Learner Engagement

Divide your assessments into levels like Zero, Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert.

Your workforce will level up as they answer questions correctly. However, they will regress levels if they select the wrong answers.

This process can make assessments engaging while breaking the monotony of regular MCQ assessments.

Get Precise Outcomes

Since these assessments use an algorithm to adapt to the proficiency levels of your test takers, the results are error-free and precise.

Build a Robust Skilling Roadmap

Adaptive assessments make it easier to map competencies across various levels. That can help you create a personalised skilling roadmap for each test taker. 

Want to see Adaptive Assessments in action?