Yaksha Skill-Wise Reports - Unlock the Power of Data-Driven Learning and Development 

Yaksha’s advanced reporting engine is designed to enhance your talent management, learning strategies and workforce planning by helping you make informed-decisions with our dynamic and detailed skill analysis capabilities.

Uncover Hidden Potential With Dynamic Skill Analysis

Our reporting engine delves deep into each tech learner’s skillset, revealing strengths, weaknesses and growth opportunities. Make data-driven decisions for targeted upskilling and personalised development plans.

Personalised Learning Paths

Empower your team members with individualised learning journeys. Build custom learning paths while ensuring rapid skill enhancement and career growth.

Strategic Workforce Planning

Make informed talent management decisions and shape your tech L&D initiatives with confidence. Our comprehensive skill analysis empowers you to strategise and plan with data-driven precision.

Here’s How Yaksha Has Helped Organisations Like Yours

As a tech HR and L&D professional, you are expected to always keep an eye on the current and upcoming trends of L&D and tech

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