Yaksha Skill Progression And Learning Efficiency Solutions – Optimise Tech Talent Learning Journey 

Access detailed insights into skill levels and pinpoint areas for improvement throughout the learning journey of your tech workforce. Assess your tech talents’ competency, proficiencies, and areas of improvement to make data-driven L&D decisions, eventually accrediting your tech workforce’s skills. 

Technical Assessments With Unparalleled Technology Support

Our platform offers in-depth technical assessments that evaluate your team’s skills across various domains to help you pinpoint areas of improvement and identify skill gaps.
Our platform also supports 71+ programming languages and offers a vast library of 5 Lakh+ MCQs.

Why Choose Our Skill Progression Solutions?

Optimise Learning Efficiency

Identify areas of improvement and streamline learning efforts. Maximise productivity and ROI on learning initiatives.

Pinpoint Skill Gaps

Pinpoint precise skill gaps to enable targeted training. Bridge the divide between current skill levels and desired expertise.

Boost Performance

Equip your tech team with the right knowledge and skills, enhancing their overall performance and job satisfaction.

Stay Competitive

· Stay ahead of the technology curve. Maintain a competitive advantage by nurturing a workforce with top-notch skills.

Here’s How Yaksha Has Helped Organisations Like Yours

As a tech HR and L&D professional, you are expected to always keep an eye on the current and upcoming trends of L&D and tech

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