Yaksha Skill Gap Analysis – Identify Skill Gaps Across Tech Teams 

Plan tech training smartly by pinpointing exactly where the gaps lie.
Identify and analyse skill gaps with Yaksha’s vast catalogue of customisable assessments covering 71+ programming languages.

Train Tech Talent The Smart Way With Skill Gap Analysis 

Identifying and addressing skill gaps within your organisation
is the key to unlocking your tech teams’ full potential. By
understanding where expertise is lacking, you can make data-
driven decisions to strategically invest in targeted training.
Skill gap analysis can also help you foster growth, retain top
talent and future-proof your organisation for success.

Why Should You Choose Yaksha Fresher Hiring Solutions?

Ready-made and Customisable Templates

Save time with our pre-built assessments or customise them to suit your unique needs.

Catalogue of Assessments

Access a comprehensive collection of assessments spanning over 71 technologies.

Seamless Assessment Set-Up

Simplify your workflow and set up assessments with ease. Our user-friendly interface allows you to customise assessments, schedule them efficiently and track progress effortlessly.

In-Depth Reporting

Make data-driven skilling decisions with detailed reports on individual and team performance.

Here’s How Yaksha Has Helped Organisations Like Yours​

As a tech HR and L&D professional, you are expected to always keep an eye on the current and upcoming trends of L&D and tech

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