Yaksha Pre and Post-Training Assessments – Boost Tech Training Impact by 2X 

Use Yaksha’s pre and post-training assessments to build hyper-personalised tech L&D programs and accurately evaluate the training impact. 

Build A Strong Tech Training Foundation With Pre-Training Assessments 

Yaksha’s pre-training assessments lay the groundwork for
building robust tech L&D programs. These assessments
provide valuable insights into learners’ existing knowledge and
skill levels, enabling you to tailor training programs to
individual needs.

Measure Training Impact with
Post-Training Assessments 

Our post-training assessments evaluate the effectiveness
of learning experiences by measuring knowledge retention and
skill application. Through this, organizations can fine-tune
training strategies, reinforce learning outcomes, and inspire
continuous improvement within their workforce.

Choose from Various Types of Assessments for Pre and Post Training

Get data-driven insights from our comprehensive assessments and precisely measure learner progress, identify
skill gaps, and make informed decisions to optimize your training programs for maximum impact. Choose from:

Skill-based Assessments

Evaluate learners' practical skills and knowledge in specific areas, providing valuable insights into their competencies and areas for improvement.

Stack-based Assessments

Measure learners' proficiency across various technology stacks, ensuring they possess the necessary expertise to work with different tools and frameworks.

Role-based Assessments

Assess candidates based on their suitability for specific job roles, matching their skills to the requirements of high-impact positions.

Project-based Assessments

Measure learners' ability to apply their acquired knowledge and skills in real-world scenarios, simulating actual project challenges and evaluating their problem-solving capabilities.

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