Mapping skill gaps and competencies Made Easy with Yaksha's Adaptive Assessments 

Explore our engaging assessments that can help your organization analyze each employee’s skill gaps and competencies. Yaksha’s adaptive assessments enhance learner engagement and take the guesswork out of skill evaluation. 

Transform Your Workforce with Adaptive Assessments' Efficient Skill Profiling

Enhance Learner Engagement  

Divide your assessments into Zero, Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert levels. Your workforce will level up as they answer questions correctly. However, they will regress levels if they select the wrong answers. This process can make assessments engaging while breaking the monotony of regular MCQ assessments. 

Get Precise Outcomes  

With adaptive assessments, we use an algorithm that adapts to the proficiency levels of your test takers. The results are error-free and precise, ensuring you get accurate insights into your employees’ competencies.

Build a Robust Skilling Roadmap

Adaptive assessments make it easier to map competencies across various levels. That can help you create a personalized skilling roadmap for each test taker. Empower your HR and L&D teams to design targeted training programs and foster continuous growth within your tech team.  

Unleash the Power of Adaptive Assessments - Advantages You Can't-Miss!

Breaks the Monotony of Regular MCQ Assessments

Say goodbye to mundane evaluations. Adaptive assessments offer dynamic and challenging questions, keeping learners engaged and excited about their progress. 

Promotes More Focused and Personalized Learning Journeys

With adaptive assessments, learners receive targeted content based on their proficiency levels, ensuring a personalized learning experience that meets their unique needs. 

Enhances Learner Engagement

Adaptive assessments captivate learners by presenting questions tailored to their abilities, making learning more interactive and enjoyable. 

Better Test Security with Tailored Questions

As questions are tailored to individual test-takers, the risk of cheating or sharing answers is significantly reduced, ensuring a more secure assessment environment.

Skill Competence Mapped Across Various Levels

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your team's skills. Adaptive assessments enable precise skill mapping across different proficiency levels, helping you identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Get More Precise Outcomes

The assessment results are highly accurate and error-free thanks to adaptive algorithms, providing you with the most reliable insights into your learners' progress.  

Elevate Your Evaluation Process with Yaksha's Adaptive Assessments  

  • Yaksha’s adaptive assessments help you evaluate candidates/employees across essential areas like technical skills, collaborative abilities, and industry knowledge.
  • Make well-informed decisions about hiring and training with a holistic understanding of their capabilities.
  • With Yaksha’s adaptive assessments, gain objective insights into individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identify areas for improvement and tailor training programs for targeted skill development.
  • Empower your organization with data-driven assessments that provide valuable insights.
  • Enhance your ability to make strategic decisions that foster team growth and drive success.

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