Role-Based Assessments - Hire Laterals 3X faster 

Tailored to specific job requirements, our assessments evaluate
candidates’ skills, knowledge, and capabilities, enabling you to identify
the right fit for critical positions. Streamline your hiring process, ensure
alignment between candidates and roles, and build a workforce poised
for success.

Why Use Yaksha’s Role-Based Assessments? 

Assessments across 100+ Roles and Stacks Choose from over 6 IDEs 

Assess Candidates
Across 45+ toolchains 

Access embedded intelliSense & Microservices Architecture in the assessments 

Customize the platform
and content to suit the specific
needs of your organization. 

Access highly scalable
solutions to meet the volumes,
deadlines, and outcomes 

Access home-grown products and solutions that are tested by an experienced team ensuring efficient delivery. 

Include real-world scenarios or problem-solving tasks that simulate the challenges candidates might encounter in the targeted job role.

Tech Talent Evaluation Reinvented with Role-Based Assessments

Unleash the True Potential of Your Candidates   

We understand that each tech job role demands distinct expertise and capabilities. Our role-specific coding and project-based assessments go beyond mere technical knowledge. They delve deep into candidates’ problem-solving abilities, collaboration skills, and adaptability – giving you a holistic view of their potential to thrive in your organization.

Make Informed Hiring Decisions

Gone are the days of relying on gut feelings during the hiring process. With Yaksha’s data-driven insights, you can confidently make informed hiring decisions. Our assessments generate comprehensive reports that help you identify the best-fit candidates, saving you time and effort in the hiring process.

Engage Candidates with Purposeful Assessments

Creating a positive candidate experience is crucial for attracting top talent. With our role-based assessments, candidates can showcase their skills in a role-specific context. Engage them with meaningful challenges and let them envision their future with your organization. 

Smart Hiring Starts with Role-Based Assessments
- Choose the Right Fit Across Technologies

Cloud Expertise Assessment

Our role-based assessments are tailored to evaluate candidates' proficiency in various cloud technologies, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. By accurately gauging their cloud skills, you can identify candidates who can seamlessly integrate with your cloud infrastructure and drive your organization's digital transformation.

SAP Technologies Evaluation

Assessing candidates' skills in SAP modules is essential for businesses heavily reliant on SAP technologies. With Yaksha's SAP expertise evaluation, you can identify specialists proficient in SAP HANA, SAP ERP, and SAP S/4HANA, ensuring your organization's SAP implementation and management are in the right hands. 

Database Proficiency Analysis

Effective data management is at the core of modern business operations. Yaksha's role-based assessments allow you to evaluate candidates' database expertise, covering diverse databases like MySQL, Oracle, and MongoDB. This enables you to select database specialists who can optimize data organization and support data-driven decision-making.

Networking Skills Assessment

A robust network infrastructure is vital for seamless communication and data flow. Yaksha's role-based assessments encompass routing, switching, and network security, enabling you to assess candidates' networking knowledge accurately. This ensures you hire networking professionals to build and maintain a reliable and secure network environment.  

Choose Yaksha for Smart Tech Hiring Solutions

  • Make well-informed hiring decisions with Yaksha’s role-based assessments that offer data-driven insights into candidates’ technical prowess.
  • Uncover the perfect fit for your organization across various technologies with confidence and precision.
  • Say goodbye to generic assessments. Yaksha’s role-based assessments are tailored to evaluate candidates’ expertise in specific technology domains.
  • Assess candidates’ skills in cloud, SAP technologies, databases, networking, and more with role-specific precision.
  • Streamline your hiring process with Yaksha’s smart tech hiring solutions.
  • Identify top talent faster and reduce hiring uncertainties, saving time and resources.
  • Create a dynamic and skilled workforce that drives your organization’s success.
  • Leverage Yaksha’s insights to align candidates’ abilities with your tech roles, ensuring a perfect match.

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