Yaksha’s Lateral Hiring Solutions – A One-Stop Solution To Hiring Hurdles

Making the right hires for high-impact roles can be a game-changer! With Yaksha’s advanced assessment platform, tech recruiters can uncover the true potential of candidates, ensuring the perfect fit for your organisation.

Uncover High-Impact Talent and Elevate Your Lateral Hiring with Yaksha's Game-Changing Solutions!

Customisable and On-Demand Assessments 

Yaksha empowers you with customisable and on-demand
assessments that go beyond traditional evaluations. We
extensively assess problem-solving and analytical skills
tailored to each specific job role, ensuring you find the ideal
match for impactful positions.

Comprehensive Role-Based Evaluations 

Conduct role-based assessments that provide a deeper
understanding of candidates’ capabilities. Engage in
collaborative and project-based evaluations to gauge real-
world performance. Leverage our stack-based assessments
for comprehensive insights into your team’s potential.

Seamless Assessment Process, Maximum Potential

With Yaksha, your lateral hiring process becomes seamless
and efficient. Unlock the full potential of your workforce from
the word “Go.” Save time, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency with our state-of-the-art platform.

Why Should You Choose Yaksha’s Lateral Hiring Solutions? 

  • Customised assessments that suit job descriptions
  • Top industry SMEs create all Yaksha assessments
  • Role-based assessments customised for job roles across all levels
    • Levels 1 – Technical MCQs (multiple choice questions) + Coding assessments
    • Levels 2 – Technical MCQs + Project-based assessments
    • Levels 3 – Interview as a Service with Live Coding
  • In-depth Analytics and Dashboards with Sonar Cube, Code Quality, Bug Reports, etc.

Yaksha's Comprehensive Product Solutions for Your Hiring Success 

  • Access over 5 Lakh+ questions from our extensive Skill library.
  • Choose from 1300+ skills to evaluate candidates comprehensively.
  • Supports 8 different question formats for varied assessment needs.
  • Ensure exam integrity with Face Recognition technology.
  • Monitor candidates through Face Tracking Object Detection.
  • Conduct 360 Degree room scans for a secure evaluation environment.
  • Assess candidates’ coding skills through real-time coding interviews.
  • Utilise Single-File Coding assessment for a focused evaluation.
  • Offer coding proficiency tests in 70+ languages using an Embedded Browser Based Code Editor.
  • Evaluate practical skills with Yaksha’s Project/Application-Based assessments.
  • Access 6 IDES (Integrated Development Environments) for seamless evaluations.
  • Utilise 45+ toolchains to cater to diverse technical requirements.
  • Benefit from Embedded IntelliSense & Microservices Architecture for enhanced assessments.
  • Attract the best talent in the industry through Codathon and Stackathon events.
  • Engage candidates with Live Leader Boards for a competitive assessment experience.

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