Yaksha’s Interview as a Service - Make Your Hiring Process 2X faster

Yaksha’s Interview as a Service empowers you to discover top tech talent,reduce hiring uncertainties, and build a dynamic workforce with speed and efficiency. Choose Yaksha for a data-driven and intuitive hiring experience.

Find Top Tech Talent with the Power of Interview As A Service

Finding the right candidates for your team can be time-consuming, but with Yaksha’s Interview as a Service (IaaS), sourcing talent online becomes a seamless experience. From screening to assessments and engaging codathons, we’ve got you covered. 

Hiring tech talent is now more convenient than ever. Yaksha helps you dig through job applications and identify profiles that align perfectly with your job roles. Save time and take only the best candidates ahead to the next round.  

Our Interview as a Service lets you assess candidates based on qualification and experience, sending them assessment links automatically. Integrate Yaksha with your Applicant Tracking System for a smooth and organized screening process.

Shortlisted candidates deserve the best evaluation. With online proctoring, you can ensure fair and unbiased technical assessments, guaranteeing the right fit for your tech roles. 

Keep candidates engaged and showcase their strengths
with Yaksha’s codathons and stackathons. These
interactive challenges help you perfectly understand and align your problem-solving abilities with your job roles.

Embrace Yaksha's Game-Changing Benefits to Elevate Your Hiring with Interview as a Service

8000+ Industry Experts at Your Fingertips

Access a vast pool of 8000+ Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and industry professionals across top technological domains to ensure accurate and comprehensive assessments.  

Fair and Unbiased Hiring Decisions

Eliminate biases from your hiring process with Yaksha's Interview as a Service, ensuring candidates are evaluated solely on their skills and potential. 

Tailored Interviews for Precise Fit

With role-based interviews, tailor assessments to match specific job roles, gauging candidates' abilities to excel in their designated positions.

Cut Cost-to-Hire Significantly 

Yaksha's Interview as a Service streamlines your hiring journey, resulting in significant cost savings and making hiring cost-efficient.

Accelerate Time-to-Hire  

Speed up your hiring process and secure the top talent before competitors with Yaksha's Interview as a Service, reducing your time-to-hire.

Insightful Visual Reports and Feedback 

Enjoy visually appealing, customized reports and candidate feedback, providing valuable insights for confident decision-making.  

Unlock Top Tech Talent with
Yaksha's On-Demand Interview as a Service

Optimize Your Campus Recruitment with Yaksha’s Campaign Mode

With Yaksha’s on-demand Interview-as-a-Service, identify
the perfect fit across various tech roles, ensuring you
secure top talent for your organization.

Yaksha’s Interview as a Service saves valuable time, accelerating your hiring process by 2X and providing a seamless and efficient candidate screening experience.

Embrace Yaksha’s Interview as a Service and reduce hiring
uncertainties, building a dynamic workforce that drives
your organization to new heights.
Opt for Yaksha’s data-driven and intuitive hiring
experience, ensuring you make the most informed hiring

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