Yaksha’s Internal Job Movement Solutions - Identify and Nurture Talent Within Your Organization

Are you seeking a game-changing solution to identify and nurture talent within your organisation? Our revolutionary assessment platform is designed to uncover the latent potential of your employees, empowering you to make data-driven decisions for internal job movement

Transform Internal Mobility with
Yaksha's Innovative Solutions 

Do you need help finding the perfect candidates for your open roles? Let Yaksha simplify the process for you. With our advanced assessment platform, you can get a comprehensive list of all the open positions in your organisation and effortlessly collate them. We will then help you identify potential eligible and qualified employees to fill these roles. You can make data-driven decisions for a seamless internal job movement process by mapping the eligible candidates to the open positions.

One-size-fits-all assessments won’t cut it when it comes to identifying top talent. That’s why Yaksha enables you to design tailor-made skill assessments that match the specific requirements of each role. Our step-by-step evaluation process assesses different types of knowledge and skills, ensuring a comprehensive and accurate evaluation of candidates’ capabilities.

At Yaksha, we understand that your campus hiring efforts require customised solutions. Our platform allows you to build assessment solutions tailored to your unique needs. By creating different rounds of assessments, you can attract the best talent and ensure a smooth and efficient hiring process.

The assessment reports generated by Yaksha provide valuable insights into employees’ performance. Based on these reports, you can easily identify the top-performing candidates eligible for internal job movement or promotional opportunities. With Yaksha, you can make informed decisions and ensure that the right employees are placed in the right roles.

Making hiring decisions can be overwhelming, especially with multiple candidates to consider. Yaksha streamlines the process by generating tailor-made assessment reports. These reports provide a comprehensive analysis of each candidate’s strengths and areas of improvement, helping you identify the best-fit candidates for your open roles. 

Once you’ve selected the right candidates, you must map out a clear career trajectory for them. With Yaksha’s assistance, you can create a career plan outlining your organisation’s growth opportunities. Empower your employees with a vision for their future and help them achieve their career goals. 

Identifying potential leaders within your organisation requires a specialised approach. Yaksha offers customised assessments tailored explicitly for leadership roles. These assessments help you identify high-potential candidates and nurture their growth to take on leadership positions in the future. With Yaksha, you can ensure a strong leadership pipeline for your organisation.

Building an Effective Assessment Solution
for Internal Job Movement

Define Requirements

Clearly outline job qualifications and skills needed for new roles. 

Choose Criteria

Establish assessment criteria aligned with job requirements.

Select Methods

Use interviews, skills tests, simulations, and feedback for evaluation. 

Prepare Candidates

Provide training and resources for candidates' readiness.

Fair Evaluation

Ensure unbiased assessment, diverse interview panels, and privacy.

Analyse Data

Evaluate performance data to identify top candidates

Offer Feedback

Provide constructive feedback and growth plans to all participants.

Continuous Improvement

Gather feedback and refine the assessment process. 

Rediscover the True Potential of Your Workforce with
Yaksha's Revolutionary Assessment Platform

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