Yaksha Hackathons - Unleash Innovation and Identify Top Tech Talents

Hackathons, Codathons, and Stackathons are the best way to source, screen, and engage with tech talent. They help you assess problem-solving along with core tech skills. Explore Yaksha’s tailor-made hackathons to discover and transform tech talent for your organisation. 

Boost Innovation and Problem-Solving With Online Hackathons 

With Yaksha hackathons, attract and source top talent while
engaging with your existing employees and the tech
  • Source Top Tech Talent from anywhere
  • Identify skilled candidates in campus placement efforts.
  • Engage with your existing employees

Unlock the Power of Innovation and Expertise 

At Yaksha, we understand the importance of tech talent in
driving organisational success. Our hackathons provide a
platform for organisations to set up engaging challenges that
align with business needs.

Customise Your Hackathon Experience 

Efficiency, Customisation, and Seamless Management 

Flexible Timings and Participation

Organise hackathons conveniently with any number of participants. 

User-Friendly Interface

Manage your hackathons effortlessly from start to finish.

Comprehensive Code Quality Reports

Make informed decisions with detailed code quality analysis. 

Participant Ranking

Identify top performers with ease.

Support for 71+ Programming Languages

Accommodate diverse tech stacks.

Elevate Your Talent Acquisition and Innovation Strategy 

Our hackathons empower you to attract, identify, and hire the
finest tech minds in the industry. Drive innovation and nurture
problem-solving capabilities among your current tech talent.

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