Engage, Empower, Excel & Fuel Success with Yaksha's Employee Engagement

Engage with your workforce by creating community coding challenges, hackathons, or competitions. Foster innovation, problem-solving, and collaboration within your teams.

Embrace Diversity & Language-Agnostic
Challenges for Inclusive Engagement! 

Experience the power of tailored coding challenges with Yaksha. Our platform offers a vast library of custom-created, on-demand coding challenges that cater to your organisation’s unique needs. With support for 70+ coding languages and multiple technologies, unleash your employees’ potential and drive continuous learning.

No language barriers here! Yaksha’s language-agnostic challenges ensure every developer and tech enthusiast feels at home. Embrace diversity and inclusivity within your teams and nurture a thriving tech community.  

Elevate your talent acquisition efforts and engage with your existing employees through Yaksha hackathons. Our platform attracts top tech talent from anywhere, helping you identify skilled candidates during campus placements. Empower your employees with exciting challenges that foster growth and creativity.

Reach beyond geographical boundaries and access top tech talent from around the world. With Yaksha’s online hackathons, you can source skilled candidates regardless of location, broadening your talent pool and driving organisational success.

Nurture a thriving tech community within your organisation with Yaksha. Engage with your existing employees through exhilarating hackathons and coding competitions. Boost team morale, drive innovation, and retain your best talent with our employee engagement solutions.

Streamline your end-to-end management with Yaksha

Seamless Hackathon Organization

Everything is integrated within the Yaksha platform, from planning to result evaluation. Manage every step of organising Hackathons effortlessly through our simple and user-friendly interface. 

Generate Code Quality Reports

Yaksha empowers you to generate code quality reports for all participants seamlessly. Gain valuable insights into participants' coding capabilities and make informed decisions.

Effortless Ranking of Participants

Rank your participants based on their performance with ease. Yaksha's platform simplifies ranking, helping you quickly identify top talents.

Select Top Candidates Instantly

No need to switch between platforms. With Yaksha, you can select the topmost candidates directly from the platform, streamlining your talent acquisition process. 

Foster Employee Engagement and
Skill Development with Yaksha

Online Codathons for Engaging Experiences

  • Host online codathons to engage and challenge your employees.
  • Foster a culture of collaboration and innovation within your organisation.

Identify Skill Gaps with Technical Assessments  

  • Conduct technical assessments to determine skill gaps in your workforce.
  • Gain valuable insights to upskill your employees in the right technologies strategically.

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