Composite Assessments – Evaluate Skills with Industry-Ready Assessments 

Welcome to a more innovative way of evaluating candidates’ technical proficiency – Yaksha’s Composite Assessments. In a world where precise hiring is essential, our innovative solution empowers you to ensure that candidates possess the expertise your tech roles demand.

Our platform combines the power of Knowledge-Based MCQs and Single-File Coding assessments, creating a holistic picture of candidates’ knowledge, skills, and problem-solving abilities in specific technology stacks.

Accelerate Smarter Tech Recruitment with
Yaksha's Composite Assessment

The Efficiency of Composite Assessments    

Gone are the days of guesswork in hiring. With Yaksha’s Composite Assessments, you gain a comprehensive tool to evaluate candidates accurately. Our platform combines the power of Knowledge-Based MCQs and Single-File Coding assessments, creating a holistic picture of candidates’ knowledge, skills, and problem-solving abilities in specific technology stacks.  

Knowledge-Based MCQs

Dive deep into candidates' theoretical knowledge. Our MCQs assess their understanding of core concepts, ensuring they possess a strong foundation.

Single-File Coding

Put their skills to the test. With coding challenges, candidates showcase their practical abilities and problem-solving aptitude in real-world scenarios. 

Streamline Your Recruitment Process   

Efficiency meets accuracy with Composite Assessments. Say goodbye to time-consuming evaluations and hello to a streamlined process that accurately measures candidates’ potential. Whether you’re seeking developers, engineers, or tech experts, our assessments ensure they’re equipped for the roles you need to fill.

Why should you Choose
MCQ & Single File Coding Assessments

Efficient Screening

MCQ assessments offer quick and effective candidate screening, saving time and effort in the initial stages. 

Theory Evaluation

Assess theoretical knowledge, ensuring candidates have a solid understanding of fundamental concepts.


MCQ assessments are scalable, making them ideal for simultaneously evaluating large pools of candidates. 

Objective Grading

Objective grading minimizes bias and subjectivity, providing a fair evaluation of candidates.

Comprehensive Coverage

MCQs cover a broad spectrum of topics, allowing you to assess candidates' knowledge across various domains.

Problem Solving

Single File Coding assessments simulate real-world problem-solving scenarios, reflecting practical coding challenges. 

Coding Proficiency Test

Evaluate candidates' coding skills, debugging abilities, and coding practices.  

Code Quality Assessment

Assess code quality and structure, ensuring candidates adhere to best practices.  

Practical Proficiency

Single File Coding assessments demonstrate functional coding proficiency, which is crucial for technical roles. 

Encouraging Creativity

Single File Coding assessments foster creativity and innovation as candidates tackle unique coding challenges 

Language Flexibility

These assessments offer language flexibility, allowing candidates to code in their preferred programming language. 

To Diversify Your Hiring Strategy
with Composite Assessments ,Choose Yaksha! 

Efficient for quick screening

Assess theoretical knowledge

Scalable for large candidate pools

Objective grading reduces bias

Covers a wide range of topics

Simulates real-world problem-solving

Tests coding skills and debugging

Evaluates code quality and structure

Demonstrates practical proficiency

Flexibility in language choice

Encourages creativity and innovation

With Composite Assessments, you can 

Setup assessments across 71+ technologies with an Embedded Browser-Based Code Editor.

Assess candidates’ technical proficiency with 5 Lakh+ questions, 1300+ Skill library, and 8 different question formats.  

Use assessment results to identify skill gaps and provide targeted training for skill mastery in emerging technologies.

Access deep analytics and insights to aid decision-making, ensuring the right fit for your team.

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