Yaksha’s Campus Hiring Solutions – The Start Matters

Identify the best fit for your tech team while reducing cost and time to hire by half. Yaksha offers best-in-class end-to-end proctored assessments that scientifically measure core traits as well as the acquired skills of candidates.
Our pre-employment assessment tools consist of technical assessments, behavioral assessments, scenario-based assessments, coding assessments and communication skills assessments.

Yaksha partners with
Fortune 500 Enterprises to address

Time Taken To Hire

Faster Time to Hire with AI powered Automation with low human intervention

Cost to Hire

Reduce human intervention and increase the conversion ratio.

Candidates Drop-Out Rate

Boost candidate experience with end-to-end hiring solution

Right Hire

Objective Assessment with no unconscious human bias by adapting to Skill-based and Role-based Assessments

Scalability & Concurrency

Maximize assessment with unlimited concurrent MCQ assessments, 100000+ coding based and 3500 project-based assessments


Create assessment as per the roles and proficiency

Elevate Your Campus Hiring Game with
Precise Talent Acquisition! 

Adapt to a hassle-free, customised, and tech-driven tailored assessment solution that streamlines the time and cost of hiring freshers. You can implement a well-planned assessment strategy with Yaksha beyond mere technical capabilities. We empower you to identify candidates with the perfect blend of technical prowess and essential soft skills – the ideal recipe for a successful hire.

Yaksha takes campus hiring to a whole new level with best-in-class end-to-end proctored assessments. Our scientifically designed evaluations measure candidates’ core traits and acquired skills, giving you a comprehensive view of their potential. We’ve got you covered, from technical assessments to behavioural evaluations, scenario-based challenges to Coding proficiency, and communication skills to problem-solving abilities!

 Each hiring process is unique, and we understand that. With Yaksha, you can create a step-by-step evaluation process that assesses different knowledge and skills precisely. Tailor-made skill assessment tests ensure you find the perfect match for your organisation across different rounds of campus hiring.

Why struggle with managing multiple screening assessments when Yaksha makes it a breeze? Our user-friendly platform allows you to integrate knowledge based (MCQs) and coding assessments effortlessly. You can now easily manage and schedule assessments, saving valuable time and effort in the process. 

Leave no room for mediocrity in your team. Choose Yaksha and unleash the true potential of your campus hiring endeavours. Our tech-driven assessment platform guarantees stress-free recruitment, attracting great talent and ensuring you handpick only the best fit for your organisation.  

Why Should You Choose Yaksha Fresher Hiring Solutions?

Seamless & Precise Refined Talent Pool Identification

Promote Focused and Tailored Personalised Learning Journeys

Enhanced User Experience and Adaptability 

Uncompromising Test Security and Data Compliance

Skill Competence Mapping Across Levels

Real-time Individual Reports and Batch-Wise Analytics  

Join Yaksha Today and Transform Your Campus Hiring

Embrace the power of data-driven hiring decisions. Yaksha’s tailored assessments ensure you pick the perfect fit for your organisation, backed by real insights and analytics.  

Join the league of top industry leaders who trust Yaksha for their fresher hiring needs. Discover why our platform is the preferred choice of forward-thinking HRs and L&Ds.  

Unleash the potential of your team with Yaksha’s exceptional talent acquisition solutions. Handpick top-notch candidates and build a workforce that drives success.  

Empower candidates with personalised learning journeys. Yaksha’s assessments adapt to individual needs, nurturing talent for future excellence.

Simplify your campus hiring process and save valuable time. Yaksha streamlines assessments, allowing you to focus on what matters most – finding the right talent. 

Rest easy with Yaksha’s uncompromising test security and data compliance measures. Your assessments are in safe hands with our trusted platform.  

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