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Assessments can be a part of the appraisal not to assess previous performance but rather to understand the training needs. Role-based assessments can be leveraged to gauge the candidates’ potential and chart their career paths. In recent years, employee feedback and evaluation have become key parameters while considering performance reviews and appraisals as part of the performance management system.

Leverage Data-Driven Appraisals to Make Informed
Decisions with Yaksha

Unlock Employee Potential with Role-Based Assessments 

At Yaksha, assessments should go beyond merely evaluating past performance. Our role-based assessments offer a fresh perspective on employee potential, helping you identify their strengths and areas for improvement. By understanding the training needs of your workforce, you can pave the way for their professional growth and career advancement.

Tailored Solutions for Effective Appraisals 

Designing an assessment solution for appraisals requires careful consideration of several factors, including the goals of the appraisal process, the skills and competencies being evaluated, and the organisation’s culture. Yaksha provides tailored assessment solutions that align with your unique needs, ensuring seamless integration into your appraisal process.

Choose Yaksha for Performance-Driven Appraisals

With Yaksha’s powerful assessment platform, you can enhance the appraisal process, making it more data-driven and insightful. Empower your HR and L&D teams to identify training needs, chart career paths, and foster talent development. 

Building a Comprehensive Assessment Solution for
Appraisals with Yaksha

Define Goals & Criteria

Clearly outline the appraisal objectives and criteria to ensure a focused evaluation process.  

Choose Assessment

Select appropriate methods, such as self-assessment, 360-degree feedback, metrics, interviews, tests, and simulations, for a well-rounded assessment.  

Hypersensitised User
Profile Reports

Empower your workforce with Auto graded User Profile reports, providing insightful feedback and personalised development suggestions.  

Frequency & Timing

Decide on the frequency of appraisals to maintain a consistent and effective evaluation process.

Link to Goals &

Connect appraisals with goal setting and development plans, fostering growth and improvement.


Regularly review and update the appraisal process to ensure continuous enhancement and relevance.

Empower Your Appraisal Process with
Yaksha's Data-Driven Platform

  • Utilise role-based assessments to match skills with job requirements.
  • Ensure the right candidate is in the right role for maximum productivity.
  • Leverage Yaksha’s insights to identify skill gaps and training requirements.
  • Empower your HR and L&D teams to create targeted development plans.
  • Uncover employee potential and readiness for future projects.
  • Make strategic decisions to build a capable and high-performing workforce.

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