Secure and Seamless AI Proctoring and
Assessment Platform for Higher Educations

Traditional proctoring methods are time-consuming and prone to human bias,
making them less effective in ensuring academic integrity.
Yaksha brings you an advanced AI-powered proctoring and assessment platform
that transforms the way educational institutes conduct exams and assessments.

Why Choose Yaksha For Your Proctoring Needs? 

Our cutting-edge AI technology provides a 360-
degree view of exam-takers, ensuring a secure and cheating-free evaluation environment.

Seamlessly integrate our platform with your existing examination systems and Learning Management Systems (LMS) for a hassle-free setup.

Prevent unauthorised access to resources during
exams with intelligent browser monitoring,
maintaining the integrity of assessments.

Our face scan and tracking features guarantee that
the right person is taking the test, enhancing exam security.

Empowering Educational Institutes 

With our AI proctoring and assessment platform, educational
institutes experience:
  • Enhanced Academic Integrity: Maintain fairness and authenticity in exams, fostering a trustworthy academic environment.
  • Time and Cost Savings: Reduce administrative burden and costs associated with traditional invigilation.
  • Actionable Insights: Access data-driven insights to improve teaching methodologies and identify areas of improvement.

Advancing Education with the
New Education Policy (NEP) 

Our platform aligns with the key objectives of the New
Education Policy (NEP), emphasising personalised learning,
technological integration, creativity, and career readiness.

Unparalleled Invigilator Components


Use AI to scan the participant’s
government-recognised ID and match it
with the face. Track their movements
throughout the process.

Manual Proctoring

A blended proctoring solution where both
AI and Human proctors are involved.


Scan the test-takers' entire room with our
AI-enabled auto room scan.


Identify applications that can compromise
the test environment and auto-close

Voice Detection

Record the voice of the candidate to verify
later with the audio recording from
proctoring session.

Background Noise &
Object Detection

AEye looks for any background sound,
movement, object detection and unethical

Comprehensive Reports

Get detailed proctoring insights.

Comprehensive Assessment Coverage

Entrance Exams

Facilitate secure and efficient entrance examinations for higher education institutions.

Mid and End-term Exams

Conduct fair and reliable assessments during academic semesters.

Psychometric Tests for Career Selection

Assist in identifying the right career paths for students through reliable psychometric evaluations.

Want To See Yaksha In Action?